Coordinating in conjunction with the homeowners and installers, these outstanding projects were uniquely designed by professionals at Cypress Glen outdoor.
Patio Projects
Using only the finest materials, construction methods, and expert installers, these are a few samples of the unique ground level projects CGO professionals have designed for their clients.
Deck and Patio combination projects
Many clients desire projects that need to be at once elevated and at ground level to meet the access doors from the home. These are samples of projects that have been designed to uniquely mold both types of construction, to beautifully create one larger space that meets their social/entertainment requirements.
Deck Projects
These are samples of projects designed to be elevated off the ground, where placement of features within the project needs to be carefully determined to create the most useful space possible. CGO professionals will take the time to explain your design options based on your home and the grade of your property, and show you "tricks" only experts know to maximize your space and your dollar.