Our Process

After connecting with Cypress Glen Outdoor, here is what you can expect from our professionals.
Step One
A designer/project coordinator will meet with you at your home to go over your ideas, take measurements and check the grade of the area, and give you tips on what might be the best way to use your space. The customer may then direct a budget to work within, to ensure a realistic plan.
Step Two
The designer will take this information, and within a few days provide you with one or more design layout possibilities for you to consider. This design can be tweaked or redesigned once receiving feedback from the customer. Once a design layout of your preference has been selected, material and color choices can then be made, a price finalized, and a contract containing all the pertinent information written.
Step Three
Once contracted, within a few days, you will be provided information to submit to your Homeowners Association or management company for their architectural review process.
Step Four
Once your project is approved, it should not be long until construction begins. You will be informed a few days before commencement that the materials will be delivered, usually somewhere on your driveway (since most communities do not allow it to be on the street). Once the crew is on site, they will over time move the materials to the back of the home where the project is to be constructed.
Step Five
During construction, you can expect the crew to be at your home daily, save for bad weather or an unforeseen circumstance. Your project coordinator will also be checking regularly to ensure the project is going as planned.
Step Six
Upon completion of the work, your coordinator will go over the project with you to ensure satisfaction, and will list any minor "punch list" items there may be.