Paver Pool Deck

paver pool deck

A pool deck is simply the area surrounding a swimming pool. This area provides a safe and comfortable surface to walk on as you enjoy those sparkling blue waters. It is also a space to fancy with all the poolside essentials: lounge chairs, tables, and other pool and backyard furniture. The surface used for pool decks should be slip-resistant, durable, and able to withstand exposure to water and potentially salt.

Why Have A Paver Pool Deck

Sure, there are lots of choices for pool decks. But pavers are a prevalent choice for pool decks. Why? Using a paver pool deck offers several advantages over other materials like concrete or decking. They are durable, which is excellent for continued use of your pool. They are slip-resistant, which is crucial for not taking a slippery spill. And lastly, paver pool decks require little maintenance because you want to relax by the pool, not take care of it. Some pools are now saltwater pools versus a chlorine pool. Luckily, pavers are also resistant to saltwater. Furthermore, on top of all the functional purposes, pavers offer a more upscale appearance than other deck options.

Durable and Non-Slip Pool Deck

Living in Maryland, we have a variety of seasons, from bone-chilling Winters to hot and humid Summers. Pavers are durable and resistant to cracking. Pavers can withstand the Maryland freeze-thaw cycle better than poured concrete. Since they are composed of multiple pieces instead of one solid pour, they allow for flexibility, preventing large, unsightly cracks from forming.

Additionally, paver pool decks often have textured surfaces. That texture provides traction, making them safer around slippery pools where tumbles can otherwise be typical. Some pavers are even intentionally designed for pool areas to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Look Good and Feel Good

A paver pool deck stays cooler than other materials. Concrete or stone can become uncomfortably hot on bare feet under the beating sun. Where you and your pool-going guests often walk barefoot, pavers can keep your feet from getting burned.

Since pavers are individual units, gaps between them allow for better water drainage. This drainage is essential around pool areas where water splashing or rain can occur all Summer.

Not only are pavers cool and comfortable, but quality paver installation offered by Cypress Glen Outdoors can add value to a property, making the aesthetic appealing.

Easy Summer Time Living

Summertime and the pool are for relaxing. No one wants to have a giant project waiting for daily upkeep. Thankfully, a paver pool deck is also easy to maintain. With little maintenance required, there’s more time for fun. For instance, if a paver becomes damaged, it can be replaced individually without affecting the entire deck. Maintenance involves cleaning and occasional sealing to keep paver pool decks looking new.

Installation or Upgrading to A Paver Pool Deck

Good news for those looking for a quick install: a paver pool deck can be faster to install than other materials. The interlocking nature of the pavers allows for a quicker installation, reducing the overall time and expense of labor required for construction.

It’s important to note that proper installation is crucial to realizing these benefits. Let Cypress Glen Outdoor build the backyard you’ve been dreaming of!