Pavers Vs. Concrete

Pavers Vs. ConcreteWhen considering the difference between pavers vs. concrete, your home’s curb appeal is dramatically affected by the first impression of your driveway and walkways. Making an informed decision can help you increase your home’s value and maintain your budget. We like to help our clients explore all options to optimize curb appeal, durability, and cost. With over 30 years of serving the greater Annapolis area, our father-and-son duo treats all our customers like family. We are here to help you make the best choice for your family.

Resale Value

The timeless value of pavers and concrete is an easy way to benefit from the beauty of a sensible investment in your home’s value. From wall systems with intricate patterns to steps and fire pits, we make your outdoor living spaces look fresh with clean designs by our experienced staff. Pavers offer an upscale look that can help complement a façade dramatically. Concrete can provide a clean, crisp look but may not offer quite the dramatic hook effect that comes from the elegance of pavers. Featuring elements of your home like your pool, BBQ, and flower beds surrounded by the timeless elegance of colored pavers is an excellent choice when considering your home’s potential value to a buyer.

Durability Choices Pavers vs. Concrete

Concrete’s material and design, comprising a mixture of cement and sand or gravel, can offer a low maintenance option for driveways and walkways. The most significant deterrent for most when they think about creating a lasting option is that concrete is not as easy to fix as pavers. The interlocking elements of pavers are easy to maintain and have individual sections you can replace or modify as your needs grow and change. Minimal maintenance is required to keep the luxury feel of pavers and can keep your home effortlessly looking elegant.


With the help of our dedicated team, we can create a plan for your home to maximize your home’s value and stay within your budget. Concrete can be a less expensive option but doesn’t offer the style and versatility of pavers. Made of stone or clay concrete composites, pavers come in various colors and shapes with options for sizes to fit any budget. Environmental pavers have a significant advantage over concrete as they reduce water runoff in a way that concrete cannot. Local regulations may require them in homes that surround wetlands.

Other Things To Consider – Pavers Vs. Concrete

Certain areas force us to look at environmental impact and strengthening the landscape. When considering what to do with wet areas, we look at environmentally friendly paving options like Nicolock’s Checker Block®, which provides the beauty of grass and pavers. These provide a system as strong as concrete but allow grass to grow through, creating an elegant and functional walkable or drivable surface. With each unique home, we are here to help find the most beautiful and lasting solutions to bring you the designs that fit your family’s needs.