Pavilions offer shade and comfort, and what could be better on hot summer days? As you are out on a stroll or in a park and want some shade, you’ll probably be able to discover a pavilion. They’re commonplace in public areas. That’s outstanding! But imagine you can experience that comfort in your very own outdoors with the help of Cypress Glen Outdoors.

Pavilions, Pergolas, and Gazebos, Oh My!

There are some alternatives while deciding on your outside structure. You have pavilions, however, and pergolas and gazebos at your disposal. Each structure is special in its way, with its purpose for its users and how it’ll complement your yard.

A pavilion’s essential function is its solid roof and open sides, supplying an extra sheltered area. The enclosed roof provides a haven from the intense sun, heavy summer storms, and rain. Pergolas are comparable in structure, except they have an open design, providing partial shade with its slatted roof. Lastly, the gazebo is a fully enclosed structure and a hex or octagonal form.

Benefits of a Pavilion

Yes, pavilions provide shelter against the elements but offer social purposes, such as dining, event-hosting, outdoor movies, or game nights. The slightly more enclosed feel of a pavilion has a cozy vibe while outdoors. But the open sides can still let in a summer breeze.

Decorations To Set Your Structure Above The Rest

Once you have your pavilion built, that’s excellent. But it’s time to make it your own! You have some variation in the choice of building components for your pavilion, but the decor is where it becomes genuinely personalized. Fun lighting, cozy furniture, luxurious plants, trending decor, tech, and games can make your pavilion the place to be!

Choose the furniture that fits the pavilion’s main function for you. Is this the place to unwind? Add soft chairs, sofas, or loungers. Or is it more for hosting friends and family for outdoor dining? Then, a solid yet appealing table and chairs are essential.

Nothing says chic like outdoor lighting. Hanging or twinkle lights, Edison bulbs, lanterns, or candles create ambiance and allow your party to carry on into the night. No one wants the fun to end just because the sun goes down.

Although this is a wall-less structure, you can create different areas within the pavilion using outdoor rugs. Choose bold patterns or traditional ones, as long as they are weather-resistant.

When it comes to plants, the options are endless. Large potted plants, bright florals, or classic greens will add a natural yet homey touch to the pavilion. There is no need to stop with the floor or surfaces; hanging or wall-mounted planters can be space-saving and add even more natural aesthetic.

Putting In That Pavilion

Where pavilions are a beautiful addition to your backyard, you must have a safe structure built correctly and safely according to the building codes. That’s where we come in. Let Cypress Glen Outdoor build the backyard you’ve been dreaming of!