Retractable Screening

Retractable Screening For Home Additions

You have a new home addition! With more space, square footage, and room to enjoy, you have a lot of potential. Have you considered making the most of it by having it be an indoor/ outdoor experience? If so, you need retractable screening for your home to quickly and effortlessly create a space with bug and sun protection. It doesn’t end there. These screens can also create shade and privacy, depending on your goals.

What Is Retractable Screening?

Before considering adding retractable screening, you need to know what it is! Retractable screens roll into protective housing, making them virtually invisible when not in use. Some retractable screen systems are retrofitted into a door or window almost seamlessly. Hence, they are hardly noticeable but are even more accessible when built into a space. Your open porch can become a screened-in one in a few moments.

Types of Retractable Screens

There’s no one-size-fits-all-all for these retractable screens. What once was limited to doors and windows can now fit almost any space you create. You can put these in any opening, like a garage door, or between pillars on an outside patio. The placement options are endless.

After you choose your location, you also have the choice of housing color and screen type. Most neutrals, including white, ivory, beige, bronze, black, and more, are available for housing, depending on the maker. The screen also comes with various options, including additional colors to match your space options to keep out insects and UV protection to add shade from the sun while still seeing the great outdoors.

The concept alone is fantastic: sleek screens tucked away to use or not when you see fit. But it can get even better! With the touch of a button, you can bring the screens down without manually doing anything with automatic retractable screens. There are a few brands and varying models, but the desired effect is the same… to have the comfort of indoors outside.

Benefits Of Retractable Screening

Besides any window or door having the option to be open so that you can enjoy the outdoors, the installation is quick and easy. It’s simple to add retractable screens to any existing entry door. This includes both in-swing or out-swing doors and even French Doors, creating a double-wide opening.

Unlike traditional screens, which you constantly expose to the sun, dirt, and weather, retractable screens are protected and have a longer lifespan when unused. Additionally, the process of “winterizing” your home becomes one big step easier. There is no need to remove your screens when the weather gets colder, freeing up your to-do list and garage!

Installing Retractable Screens

After your home addition, having the open-air space is the perfect finishing touch. Although the process is quick, having a professional measure, order, and install retractable screens is the best option for the best outcome. You can see the options that will work best for you and your desired aesthetic. Let Cypress Glen Outdoors build the backyard you’ve been dreaming of!