Dry Deck Systems

dry deck system

So you’re building a deck. You considered the material, shape, size, and color or stain to use. But what to do under it? Multi-level decks or decks above a living space don’t have to force you inside. There is a way to avoid the drips or elements from above. You need a dry deck system!

What Is A Dry Deck System?

A dry deck system uses a series of gutters to divert water or snow melt from the above deck, shielding the area below. The troughs are placed between the deck boards. Next, this will transfer water to the downspout and avoid falling below, but move intentionally! Now, you have a dry underdeck during a storm or immediately after and don’t have to wait for the water to dry up.

You need furniture and decor to create a comfortable outdoor living space below your deck, but you need to keep them dry. A dry deck system protects the structural integrity of the upper deck, while the lower deck keeps furniture, ceiling fans, speakers, and TVs safe from the outdoor elements or any spills from above.

Types Of Dry Deck Systems

There are many companies and versions of dry deck systems available to consumers. One of these we stand behind is the Trex RainEscape Under-Deck Drainage System. This system works like any other, getting installed before applying the deck boards. The number of Trex RainEscape Toughs is determined by the size of the deck and the number of gaps between the boards. One Trex RainEscape Downspout is needed at the end of each trough. This system has brown and black color options for materials.

Now, if you already have a deck, a dry deck system can be installed for those, too! Having a deck installed, you might realize more than anyone how much you would like the bottom level back during storms or the winter. These systems are added underneath your existing deck and can be covered with a ceiling to hide the system if you do not want to keep it exposed.

Additional Features

Once you have a dry deck system, you can finish the space with noticeable details. Decor, furniture, and tech elements are great, but consider that ceiling you worked so hard to create.

Synergy Wood is prefinished wood paneling for ceilings. These ceilings will transform the space with a refined look and feel. It comes in different types of woods and colors to complete your outdoor space in a way that works best for your style.

With a dry below-deck system, this outdoor area will be dry and worthy of having all the best features. This includes a cozy private area. Or how about an outdoor kitchen with the finest grilling equipment? Or maybe you need a location for entertaining with all the technology to make your place the spot to be all summer long!

Installing A Dry Deck System

If you want to create the perfect outdoor deck, look no further. Our professionals will help you plan and complete the multi-level deck down to the last detail. Let Cypress Glen Outdoor build the backyard you’ve been dreaming of!